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Decolourization of Azo Dye Orange G by Fenton and Photo-Fenton Processes in Aqueous Solution

Author(s): Chenini Halima, Djebbar Kamel, Baghriche Oualid, Sehili Tahar and Bouchoul Abdelkader

The degradation of an azo dye orange G (OG) in aqueous solution by Fenton oxidation process has been investigated. The effects of different reaction parameters such as initial pH, the initial hydrogen peroxide concentration ([H2O2]o), the initial ferrous concentration ([Fe2+]o) on dye decolourization are demonstrated in detail. The optimum pH for both; Fenton and photo-Fenton reactions in this study are about pH 3.0. The decolourization rate of OG distinctly increases with the increasing amount of Fe2+. The optimal levels of H2O2 required for the process are also examined. High levels of H2O2 appear to reduce dye decolourization. The experimental results showed that the photo-Fenton process was an effective process for the degradation of OG.

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