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Decolourisation of Reactive Blue 28 from Dye Waste Water by Photo Fenton Process and Sono Fenton Processes

Author(s): S. Velmurugan, B. Ganesh, A. Babuponnusami and R. Rajasekaran

In recent years, textile waste water has become a serious environmental problem due to vast and increasing uses of variety of dyes such as vat dyes, sulfur dyes, napthol dyes, azo dyes and reactive dyes. Among these varieties reactive dyes are extensively used in textile industry in the last years due to their superior performance, but they are environmentally hazardous and difficult to treat effectively. In this study, treatment of Reactive blue 28 (RB 28) was studied using photo Fenton (UV/H2O2/Fe2+) and sono Fenton (US/H2O2/Fe2+) processes. The effects of operating parameters such as initial dye concentration, pH, H2O2 dosage, Fe2+ dosage were studied. So this present study focuses treatment by using the above processes. It is cleared from the studies the expected degradation of photo Fenton is higher than sono Fenton process.

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