Decolization of Landfill Leachate using Electrochemical Technique

Author(s): Zainab Haider Mussa, Mohamed Rozali Othman, Md Puazi Abdullah and Norazzizi Nordin

Several operating conditions such as electrode material, treatment time, applied voltage and Cl− concentration were tested on the treatment landfill leachate using electrochemical (EC) method. Results obtained show that EC method can be used for treatment of landfill leachate by using proper operating condition. The best removal rates were obtained when graphite rod electrode was used as an anode, operating time is 120 min, voltage applied is 10 V, NaCl concentration is 0.585 (w/v), 80% of color, 72% of COD, 45% of NH3-N, 63% of Total–P (PO4 −3 ) removal were obtained.

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