Crystal structure, magnetic and IR spectroscopic studies of a novel non centrosymmetric copper(II) complex [Cu(AMP)(H2O)3]SO4

Author(s): M.Ben Nasr, E.Aubert, E.Espinosa, M.Zeller, L.C.J.Pereira, M.R.Silva, P.S.Pereira Silva

AnewCu (II) complexwith the bidentate ligand 4-amino-6-methoxypyrimidine (AMP), [Cu(AMP)(H2O)3]SO4, has been prepared and was characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction, IR spectroscopy andmagneticmeasurements. It crystallizes in the chiral orthorhombic space group P212121. In the complex, theCu(II) cation is penta-coordinated in adistorted trigonal bipyramidal fashion bytwo nitrogenatomsof two4-amino-6-methoxypyrimidineligands and three oxygen atoms of water molecules. In the molecular arrangement, each 4-amino-6-methoxypyrimidinemolecule is coordinated to twoCu(II) cations through its two aromatic nitrogen atoms to formuniformly spaced chains spreading along the b-direction of the crystal lattice. The sulfate anions are located between these chains, and linked to them via NHO andOHOhydrogen bonds. Themagnetic susceptibility data of [Cu(AMP)(H2O)3]SO4shows an antiferromagneticinteractionofthemetallicmagneticmoments, through theCu(II) chains,with an exchange integral of -35.7 K.

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