Critical Studies on Kinetic Parameters for the Production of Protease from SSF by Bacillus Subtilis NCIM 2724

Author(s): D. Usha Priyanka, Ch. Kanaka Raju, A. Sumanjali, K. Dwaraka and V. Meena

Production of protease employing the laboratory isolates of Bacillus sps. under solid state fermentation and its kinetic study were the aims of the present study. With the optimized conditions of incubation time 24 hrs, temperature 300C, moisture content 40% w/v, inoculum level of 0.8 w/w, and with substrate concentration of 10 g and pH 8.0, glucose concentration 2.0% w/w, the kinetic parameters µmax (0.026 hr-1), yield coefficient Yx/s (0.18) and cell doubling time td (20 min) was determined.

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