Correlation and Regression Study on Physico-Chemical Parameters of Under Ground Water in Different Wards of South Zone of Bhusawal. Dist- Jalgaon. (M. S.)

Author(s): S. R. Narkhede, N. S. Patil and R. R. Chaudahri

This study deals with the assessment of physico-chemical characteristics of ground water in different wards of south zone of Bhusawal. Dist. Jalgaon. A correlation study has been carried out among the all possible pairs of 7 physico-chemical parameters of ground water quality. The parameters of various sampling stations means different wards of south zone of Bhsawal. All the correlations indicate that different parameters are strongly interrelated to each other. A correlation coefficient and regression provides an excellent tool for calculating of various water quality parameters within reasonable degree of accuracy.

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