Copolymers of aniline with o-anthranilic acid: Synthesis and charachterization

Author(s): Omar Melad, Moataz Esleem

Chemical copolymerization of aniline with o-anthranilic acid in aqueous 1M HCl were carried out at differentmolar ratios of aniline and characterized by FTIR and UV-Visible spectroscopy, Elemental analysis and electrical conductivity. FromFTIR and UV-Vis. Spectroscopy, we observed that o-anthranilic acid has been introduced into the polymer chain successfully. The percent yield of o-anthanilic acid copolymer with aniline decreases as the percent of aniline increases.An increase in the % C can be observed as the amount of o-antranilc acid in the copolymer decrease or the amounts of aniline increase.

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