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Coordination Polymers of N,N’-DI-(8-Hydroxyquinolinolyl-5-methyl)-N,N’diethy-1,4-BUT-2-enediamine (QEBD)

Author(s): N. K. Prajapati, Asha D. Patel, Jignesh A. Patel and S. P. Prajapati

A novel bis-(bidentate) ligand, namely N,N’-di(8-hydroxyquinolinolyl-5-methyl)-N,N’-diethyl- 1,4-but-2-enediamine (QEBD) was synthesized by condensation of 5-chloromethyl-8-hydroxyquinoline hydrochloride with N,N’-diethyl-1,4-but-2-ene-diamine in the presence of a base catalyst. The coordination polymers of this bis-ligand QEBD have been prepared with the metal ions Zn (II), Cu (II), Ni (II), Co (II) and Mn (II). All of these coordination polymers and the parent ligand QEBD were characterized by elemental analyses, IR spectral and diffuse reflectance spectral studies. The numberaverage molecular weights (Mn) of all the coordination polymers were determined by non-aqueous conductometric titrations. The thermal properties of all the four coordination polymers were determined by thermogravimetry. In addition, all the coordination polymers have also been characterized by their magnetic susceptibilities.

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