Coordination Behavior of N/O Donor Ligand with some Transition Metals

Author(s): Muna Abass Hadi

Tridentate Schiff base ligand (4-DMIAB) of complexes: cobalt(II), nickel(II), copper(II), zinc(II), cadmium(II), and mercury(II) ions have been prepared by the condensation of 4-Ominoantipyrine, isatin, and 4-amino benzoic acid. The complexes and ligand were characterized by UV-visible, FTIR, elemental analysis, magnetic susceptibility, and molar conductance measurements. It has been found that the Schiff base ligand behaves as neutral tridentate (N,N’,O) forming chelates with (1:2) (metal: ligand) stoichiometry. Octahedral environment is suggested for all metal complexes

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