Conduction technology for sugar industry

Author(s): Om Kumari, Surabhi Singh, Rashmi Upadhyay, Vikesh Kumar

The proposed study is aimed to target the better way for electrolytic clarification of cane juice without any adverse effect on sugar house process. Electrolysis literally means decomposition or breaking of a substance or a compound into its constituent components and flow of electricity, which takes place in solution through the electrolytes, accordingly the migration of ions under the influence of applied potential difference. The electrolysis process provides oxidation and reduction without involving any other chemicals for clarification. The importance of this study is the introduction of conducting polymer material for carrying out the electrolysis of cane juice, which involves low potential i.e. save of power, easy maintenance of electrodic material, and is expected, that problem of scaling will be remove to greater extent. One more important factor in the mind is to avoid the introduction of undue material into the juice affecting the clarification processes.

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