Conduction Studies on Amorphous Insbx3 (X = Te Or Se) Thin Films

Author(s): Sudhir Kumar Mishra, Pramendra Ranjan, Dhiraj Kumar and Mrinal Chandra

Amorphous InSbX3 (X = Te or Se) thin films were obtained by thermal evaporation technique of bulk material on to well cleaned glass substrates. The current-voltage characteristics have been measured in the temperature range (303-393 K) and thickness range (230-490 nm). The obtained I-V curves revealed two types of conduction. The first region is ohmic type in the lower field followed by non-ohmic type of conduction in the high filed region. In the high-filed region, the field lowering coefficient β is evaluated, and has been analyzed by the anomalous Poole-Frenkel effect. The temperature dependence of ohmic current is that of thermally activated process. The variation of dielectric constant with temperature for the two compounds has been studied

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