Concentration influence on the photoluminesces properties of terbium complexes with â-diketonate doped PMMA polymer

Author(s): WesamA.A.Twej*, Firas J.Al-Maliki,Adel C.Majeed,Tawfiq S.Mahdi

Terbium complexes doped PMMA polymer rod shape samples were synthesized at several concentrations. The vibronic transitions, absorption as well as emission for Tb3+ ions have been discussed in polymer host. The concentration quenchingcreatesluminescence decay then redaction inthe energy transfer to the Tb+3 ions from the surrounded legend.Where the energy transfer processes in aggregates of Tb+3 doped PMMA can causes diminishing of some 5D47FJ transitions.All utilized doped samples show strong characteristic emission bands of terbium ion 5D47FJ (J = 6, 5, 4 and 3) and the emission transition centred at 544 nmcorresponds to 5D47F5 transition, characteristics of this lanthanide cation, is the dominant one.

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