Complexation Behaviour of Cd (II), Pb (II) and Tl (I) with n-Butyl-3-Mercaptopropionate in Presence of few Amino-Acids in Aqueous- Non Aqueous Media

Author(s): Seema Agarwal and S. Kalpana

Complexation behaviour of Cd (II), Pb (II) and Tl (I) with n-butyl-3-mercaptopropionate in presence of few amino acids in aqueous and non-aqueous media have been studied polarographically at constant ionic strength, pH and temperature in order to ascertain their utility in different biological and pharmaceutical field. Complexation behaviour and stability constant of the species formed have also been evaluated. Effect of nature of solvent, nature of supporting electrolyte, temper ature, nature of maximum suppressor, surfactant concen tration were also studie d for different complex species with each metal in keeping other experimental conditions similar.

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