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Comparison of Catalytic Activities between Esterase and Lipase in the synthesis of Drug, Flavor and Amide Compounds

Author(s): Dipak Patil, Sikha Nag, Amit Basak and Ahindra Nag

Synthesis of drugs, flavoring and amide compounds by PLE (Pig Liver Esterase) and PPL (Pig Pancreatic Lipase) prepared earlier in this laboratory have been reviewed and catalytic activities between the enzymes in the synthesis of compounds have been compared. Paracetamol is a well known analgesic drug. The complicated chemical steps for synthesis of paracetamol starting from unstable p-aminophenol has been overcome by using PLE and PPL. Geraniol is a flavoring agent used in food and perfume industries. The stability of geraniol has been increased to convert geraniol to geranyl acetate. New route for enzymatic transesterification of geraniol has been efficiently carried out by PLE and the result was better than PPL.

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