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Comparison between 2D and 3D Transient Flow Simulation of Gas Liquid Dynamics in Two-Phase Cylindrical Bubble Column Reactors by CFD

Author(s): M. A. Salehi and R. Rahimi

In this research paper, we evaluated the applicability of using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate a transient, two-dimensional axisymetric and three-dimensional dynamic Eulerian- Eulerian two-phase model and for the modeling of bubble column hydrodynamics in the homogeneous flow regime. A two fluid model along with the standard k-- model for turbulence in liquid phase is considered. Further numerical studies investigate the influence of additional turbulence production through the dispersed gas phase. The experimental data, with reference to the works literature experimental data of Dudukovic et al. (1999) that was obtained via Computer Automated Radioactive Particle Tracking System (CARPT) and Pleger et al. (2001) works literature that was obtained via particle image velocimetry, allow for the validation of the model simulation. The comparison between experimental data and CFD modeling focus on the local axial liquid velocity. The simulations are done using Fluent CFD software. Reasonably good quantitative agreement is obtained between the experimental data and simulations profiles defined points. Also these results will expect for the turbulent kinetic energy and the other variables profiles. Employing finer grids improves the description of the flow structure in the bubble column and the agreement with the experimental data. However, the computation power increases significantly and a compromise between efficiency and quality of results has to be found.

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