Comparative Study of the Elemental Composition of Swertia Chirayita from Two Different Sites of Garhwal in Uttrakhand

Author(s): Neetu Sharma, Rajendra Prasad Kala and Bhawana Kweera

Different elemental constituents of the medicinal plant Swertia chirayita (whole parts) were estimated from two different sites of Garhwal (Chakrata and Kaddukhal) in Uttrakhand by Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy against salt standards. 17 Mineral elements (Macro and Trace) Mn, Mg, Fe, Ca, Na, K, AI, B, Zn, Sr, Cu, Ni, Cr, Mo, Co, Cd and Li, have been measured in both samples of Swertia Chirayita. It is therefore concluded that, Swertia chirayta contains pharmacologically useful active elements, which can play vital roles in health and treatment of diseases.

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