Comparative Studies on Antibacterial Potency of Leaf, Stem Bark and Root Bark of Vutea Superba Roxb

Author(s): Sayeswara HA and Ravikumar Patil HS

Antibacterial activity ofmethanolic leaf; stembark and root bark extract of Butea superba Roxb., was evaluated through disc diffusion method. Prelimenery phytochemical tests revealed the presence of alkaloids, saponina, sterols and tannins at different concentrations. Antibacterial activity was tested against gram +ve and gram -ve organisms. The methanolic leaf extract exhibitedmaximumactivity against Staphylococcus aureus (NCIM-2079) Stem bark methanolic extract on Enterobacter aerogenes(NCIM-2340) and root bark extract on Enterobacter aerogenes (NCIM-2340). All the extracts tested exhibited concentration dependent activity against tested organisms.

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