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Comparative of isothermsadsorption eriochrome black t and methyl red by multi-wall carbon nanotube and carbonmolecular sieveswith models freundlich,Temkin, Langmuir

Author(s): Vahid Namavar, Saman Damavandi, Mehdi Vadi

Eriochrome BlackT and methyl redabsorptionby carbonnanotubesandcarbonmolecular sieveshas special relevance because Eriochrome BlackT as anindicatormagnesiumisusedin various quantities PH andmethyl redisanacid-baseindicatorintitrationsgenerallystrong acids, strong basesand weak, evenindilutedsolventsused. Compoundsare absorbeddepends on thesampleconcentration. Eriochrome BlackTandmethyl redabsorption isothermswithmany modelscan be investigated. The purposeof thisinvestigation is theadsorptionisothermEriochrome BlackTandmethyl redbymultiwalledcarbon nanotubes (MWCNT) andcarbonmolecular sieve(CMS)with the modelsLangmuir,Freundlich,Temkin.By maximum wavelength is obtained by spectrophotometer (uv / vis) model (JENWEY) and different concentrations are obtained frommade solution and their adsorptions, and relative diagram was drawn. Findings fromexperimentswiththisthreematchedmodelandof thismodeldifferent parameterswere obtained. The results showed thattheImpact of concentration offraction of thesurfacecoveredby theTemkinmodelforcarbonmolecular sievewith the amount of99.2%by the methyl red and Freundlichmodelforcarbonnanotubesbymethyl redwith the amount of99.6%and Freundlichmodelforcarbonnanotubes by Eriochrome BlackT with the amount of100%andFreundlichmodelforcarbonmolecular sieve byEriochrome BlackTwith the amount of 100%.

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