Comparative in vitro Evaluation of Commercial Aceclofenac Tablets

Author(s): R. Sivakumar, P. E. Venkataraman, R. Natarajan, V. Ganesan and K. A. Ashrafali

Four brands (A, B, C and D) of aceclofenac tablets (100 mg) manufactured in India were evaluated for six in vitro parameters, both official and non-official, viz., uniformity of weight, hardness test, friability test, disintegration test, dissolution test and assay. All the products met the requirements as per general specifications of Indian pharmacopoeia for tablet formulation. Assay value lies within the limit of 90% to 110%. The study on dissolution profile revealed that product A had faster dissolution rate while product C has slowest dissolution rate. This sort of study is good indicator for the in vitro evaluation of the idealness of commercial products. The obtained data may be useful for further formulation development studies.

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