Comparative Hydro Chemistry of Different Ground Water Sources in Hilly Zone of Barwani Area (M.P.) of Narmada River Basin

Author(s): Pramod Pandit, David Swami and A. A. Ansari

The proposed study area is the most southwestern part of the Barwani district of Madhya Pradesh. In the zone, good ground water potential was mainly found in weathered blocks of the rocks with characteristic aquifers. 90% Popula tion of the area is tribal, whic h uses ground water for drinking, domestic and irrigation purposes. In the present paper, the comparative study of gr ound water quality of different sources i.e. Dug wells, hand pumps (Shallow bored wells) and tube wells (Deep bored wells) were pe rformed. Selected and important physico-chemical parameters like colour, od our, taste, turbidity, pH, EC, TDS, total alkalinity, total hardness, chloride, sulphate, phosphate, DO, MPN of total coliforms and MPN of faecal coliforms in all three seasons for all three type of sources were i nvestigated. The overall water quality status and class were also calculated using water quality index for 12 physico-chemical parameters. Obtained results show that overall ground water qua lity of all three sources and in all seasons, in general, is suitable for drinking and domestic purposes and belongs to good quality status according to WQI. Although, dug well water is not suitable for drinking in monsoon season, but deep bored ground water sources are contamination free.

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