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Comparative Evaluation of Antioxidant Capacity and Cytotoxicity of Two Nigerian Ocimum Species

Author(s): Omale James, Olajide Joseph Eniola and Okafor Polycarp Nnacheta

This study focused on a comparative evaluation of the antioxidant capacities and cytotoxicity of two ocimum species (O. gratissimum and O. basillicum). The methanolic extracts of the two species were investigated for antioxidant properties using standard methods. Ocimum gratissimum possessed the highest antioxidant capacity and highest percentage of polyphenolic contents than O. basillicum. The antioxidant capacities of the two ocimum species are not comparable to the reference standards used. These two ocimum species possessed very low cytotoxicity to brine shrimps and are relatively safe for the purpose utilized.

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