Combinatorial Enumeration And Symmetry Characterization Of Homodisubtituted [2,2] Paracyclophane Derivatives

Author(s): Robert M. Nemba, Patouossa Issofa and A. Emadak

A method of combinatorial enumeration of stereo and position isomers of homodisubstituted [2,2] paracyclophane derivatives having the empirical formula ϕ2C4H14X2 where X is a non isomerisable substituent and the symbol φ represents the hydrogen depleted benzene ring is presented. The 16 substitution sites of the [2,2]-PCP are regarded as an orbit assigned to the coset representation D2h(/C1). The subductions of this coset representation by all subgroups of D2h are calculated and the combinatorial enumeration with symmetry chararacterization performed by virtue of the unit-subduced-cycle-index (USCI) approach.

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