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Chemical Technology: An Indian Journal

Author(s): Jennifer Johnson

During the calendar year 2019, TSPC received a total of 350 papers. In the 14volumes published from the year 2006 till 2019, a total of 314 articles were published (at an average of 5-7articles per issue) of which, 75 % articles were by foreign authors. The articles published in TSPC have been cited 848 times by eminent researchers all around the world. The Journal of Physical Chemistry brings together an expert Editorial Board, which comprises of noted scholars in the field of Chemistry. Every single article is subjected to rigorous peer review by illustrious scientists. In addition to Research Articles, the Journal also publishes high quality Commentaries, Reviews, and Perspectives aimed at synthesizing the latest developments in the field, and putting forward new theories in order to provoke debates amongst the scholars in the field. The journal thus maintains the highest standards in terms of quality and comprehensive in its approach.The Editorial Board of TSPC consists of 77 eminent researchers as the Editorial Board Members and one accomplished researchers as the Editors-in-Chief. TSPC follows a double blind peer review process. The peer review process takes 21 days to be published after the acceptance of the manuscript and the work flow of the manuscript takes 45 days and a manuscript number will be e-mailed to the corresponding author within 72 hours. Journal of Physical Chemistry is the Council Contributor Member for Council of Science Editors (CSE) and follows the CSE’s slogan ‘Education, Ethics, and Evidence for Editors’. TSPC follows a progressive editorial policy that encourages researchers to submit the original research, reviews and editorial observations as articles, well supported by tables and graphic representation. I take this opportunity to acknowledge the support rendered by the editorial assistant in bringing out the issues of TSPC in time. I would also like to express my gratitude to all the authors, reviewers, the publisher, the advisory and the editorial board of TSPC, the office bearers and staff of Trade Science Publishing for their support in bringing out yet another volume of TSPC and look forward to their unrelenting support to bring out the Volume 15 of TSPC in scheduled time.
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