Chemical Reaction and Radiation Absorbtion Effects on MHD Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow of A Viscoelastic Fluid Past an Oscillating Porous Plate with Heat Generation/Absorption

Author(s): P. Ramaiah, S. Vijaya Kumar Varma, K. Rama Krishna Prasad and K. S. Balamurugan

In this paper, the combined influence of chemical reaction and radiation absorption effects on hydromagnetic free convective heat and mass transfer flow of viscous, in-compressible, electrically conducting visco-elastic fluid through porous medium bounded by an oscillating porous plate in the presence of heat sources is studied. The expressions for velocity, temperature and concentration distribution, skin-friction, rate of heat and mass transfer coefficients at the plate are obtained using perturbation technique. The effect of various physical parameters occurring into the problem on velocity field is discussed with the help of graphs.

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