Chemical Investigation of the Bark of Adenanthera Pavonina Linn

Author(s): Arzumand Ara, Md. Abul Hashem and Tanvir Muslim

The chemical investigation of the bark of Adenanthera pavonina Linn. have been found to contain the reducing sugar (1.01%) as glucose. The percentages of various amino acids present in the crude protein (5.25%) were found to be aspartic acid (0.10%), threonine (0.24%), serine (0.08%), glutamic acid (0.52%), glycine (0.09%), alanine (0.07%), valine (0.10%), methionine (0.13%), isoleucine (0.06%), tyrosine (0.27%), histidine (0.11%), lysine (0.88%) and arginine (0.25%). The fatty acid composition were found to be lauric (5.23%), palmitic (38.16%), oleic acid (6.29%) and stearic acid (8.93%).

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