Charge-Transfer Complexes of Three Triazine-Stilbene Derivatives with Some -Acceptors. Part Two : Picric Acid

Author(s): Moamen S. Refat, Abdel Majid A. Adam and Lamia A. Ismail

Three novel charge-transfer complexes formed between three disodium 4,4′-bis-(1,3,5- triazinylamino)stilbene-2,2′-disulfonate derivatives as donors with picric acid as acceptor were reported. Elemental analysis (CHN), electronic absorption spectra, photometric titration and IR spectra show that the interaction between the donors and picric acid was stabilized by hydrogen bonding, via a 1 : 2 stoichiometry. The spectroscopic and physical data were estimated using Benesi-Hildebrand and its modification methods in terms of formation constant (KCT), molar extinction coefficient (εCT), standard free energy (ΔG°), oscillator strength (f) and transition dipole moment (μ).

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