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Characterization of nanostructured photoconducting nickel sulfide thin films grown by novel deposition technique SILAR

Author(s): A.U.Ubale, A.N.Bargal

The nickel sulfide thin films have number of applications in various devices such as solar selective coatings, IR detectors and as storage electrode in photo-electrochemical storage devices. This paper reports on the preparation of photosensitive nanostructured NiS thin films onto glass substrate by Successive Ionic Layer Adsorption and Reaction (SILAR) method. For deposition of NiS thin films 0.02Mnickel sulphate and 0.05M sodium sulphide was used as cationic and anionic source. The structural, electrical and optical properties of the nanostructured NiS films were investigated. The films have rhombohedral lattice structure and the improvement in crystalline quality is observed after post annealing. The photoconductivity ofNiS is improved from2.4×10-8 to 1.3×10-7mho-cm-1 after annealing. The optical properties were characterized to estimate the band gap energy. The TEP measurement shows that the deposited films are of ptype.

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