Characterization of ladder-type polydiacetylene exhibiting reversible thermochromismwith wide temperature range

Author(s): Yuuki Miyazaki, Kazuo Okamoto, Masatoshi Tokita, KenjiOgino

Thin film of ladder-shaped polydiacetylene (PDA) is fabricated by photo-polymerization of bis(diacetylene)monomer, LDAwith a phenylenedicarbamate. The polyLDAexhibits thermochromismin thewide temperature range. The analyses by IR and XRD suggest that conformation of alkyl chains induces the torsion of PDAresulting in the thermochromism. The reversibility can be explained bythe fact that packing between dicarbamate moieties prevents froma drastic change.The blended film with polystyreneexhibitsthe similar thermochromismas that of polyLDA.

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