Cardio Protective Activity of Inula Racemosa

Author(s): A. R. Chabukswar, B. S. Kuchekar, S. C. Jagdale, P. D. Lokhande and C. G. Raut

Myocardial ischemia is one of the serious cardiac related disorders. Myocardial ischemia was induced in the rats by isoproterenol administration (20 mg/100 g subcutaneously twice at an interval of 24 hrs.). Inula racemosa has been indicated for its use in cardiac disorders. Hence, extract of roots of the plant Inula racemosa and alantolactone, which has been isolated from the roots of Inula racemosa were subjected for evaluation of their cardio protective activity in myocardial ischemia (100 mg/kg body weight). Lipid peroxides and glutathione contents were estimated. It has been found that the alantolactone effectively reduces the lipid peroxide levels in the ischemic rats and bring the glutathione content to near normal level as compared to the petroleum ether extract.

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