Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio of the Combination of Feed stocks Prepared for Composting of Parthenium Hysterophorus Weed

Author(s): Satish Kumar Ameta, Rakshit Ameta, Deeksha Dave and Suresh C. Ameta

Many parameters play an important role in composting process such as moisture, aeration, type of raw material used, temperature, C/N ratio, etc. A desired C/N ratio of feedstock is required for getting good quality compost in comparatively limited time and therefore, a right combination of the raw material should be blended for preparing a perfect recipe for composting. Different combinations were prepared using different organic wastes such as Parthenium, cow dung, wheat straw, charcoal powder, sawdust, etc. in different proportions. C/N ratio of the different organic wastes such as Parthenium as well as different combinations has been reported. The results of this study are helpful in maintaining the desired C/N ratio of the feedstock while preparing the compost.

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