Bismark brown dye adsorption on to silver nanoparticles synthesised usingmicrowave greenmethod:Modelling and desorption studies

Author(s): K.Thirugnanasambandham,V.Sivakumar

In this study an attempt wasmade to prepare the silver nano particle (AgNP) using microwave green method and also investigated the adsorption efficiency of bismark brown dye on to AgNP particle. Different adsorption conditions such as initial condcentration, temperature and contact time were investigated on the treatment efficiency. Central composite response surface design (CCD) was used to model the adsorption process. Results shows the best fit of Langmuir isotherm model to the experimental data. Pseudo-first-order rate equation clearly explain the kinetic of adsorption of bismark brown dye on to AgNP particle. Thermodynamic studies illustrate the spontaneous nature of the process.

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