Biosorption of copper by Chaetomorpha Antennina algae biomass – Thermodynamic studies

Author(s): S.Beena Lahari, P.King, V.S.R.K.Prasad

A biosorbent prepared from marine algae was tested for its efficiency in removing metal ions of Copper from aqueous solutions. The sorption of these metals on Chaetomorpha Antennina sp. conformed to linear form of Langmuir adsorption equation. Langmuir Cm constants for eachmetal were found as 25.78 mg/g (Cu) at 30°C. Also, kinetic and thermodynamic parameters such as enthalpy (ÄH), free energy (ÄG) and entropy (ÄS) were calculated and these values show that adsorption of heavy metal on Chaetomorpha Antennina sp.was an exothermic process and the process of adsorption was favoured at low temperatures.

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