Biological and biochemical impacts of the fungal extract of Aspergillus fumigatus on Biomphalaria alexandrina snails infected with Schistosoma mansoni

Author(s): Gamalat Y.Osman1, Ahmed M.Mohamed, Ahmed Abdel Kader, Asmaa A.Mohamed

Effect of the fungal extract of Aspergillus fumigatus was evaluated against non-infected and Schistosoma mansoni-infected Biomphalaria alexandrina snails as well as it’s efficacy against the free larval stages of S.mansoni. The fungal extract of A. fumigatus has molluscicidal and larvicidal activities against S. mansoni larvae (miracidia and cercariae). The results revealed that the tested sub-lethal concentrations reduced the survival, growth rates and egg laying capacity of both non-infected and S. mansoni-infected snails.The tested concentrations of the fungal extract of A. fumigatus entirely stopped egg hatching of one, three and six days ages. Exposing B. alexandrina snails to sub-lethal concentrations of the fungal extract for 24 hours either pre-, during or post exposure of snails to S. mansoni miracidia caused a marked reduction in the infection rate and decreased the mean total number of shedding cercariae/snail. Protein analysis showed qualitative and quantitative differences in protein profile with differences in the similarity coefficient “S” values. The quantitative analysis by HPTLC of free amino acids in ovotestis and hemolymph of non-infected and infected snails treated with fungal extract showed significant differences in the density of most free amino acids. Finally, it can be concluded that the fungal extract has high molluscicidal activity against B. alexandrina snails as they affect the snail’s life, biological and physiological activities.

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