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Bio-inspired Nanotechnologies as Drug Delivery System

Author(s): Ahmad U

Technological developments in healthcare have been at the center of focus during last decade. The rise of Nano therapeutic platforms has seen recent advancements in combating deadly diseases like cancer. A lot of research is already done on nanotechnology systems like liposomes, Nano emulsions, dendrimers and micelles, and recently carbon nanotubes and quantum dots have been in focus for their therapeutic and diagnostic capabilities. Most of these systems are utilized to improve the solubility and bioavailability profiles of certain drugs along with targeting capabilities to some extent. However, toxicological and environmental concerns of the nanomaterial used in these systems have raised alarm among researchers and thus forcing investigators for finding new gateways to delivery of drugs to target sites. During this decade there’s been a sharp rise in bio-inspired and biomimetic drug delivery systems. Bio-inspired platforms mimic the natural components inside the body making them more safe and effective in delivering drugs.

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