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Biofuel Production from Marine Microalgae Using Paper and Pulp Industry Waste Water

Author(s): P. Gurumoorthy and A. Saravanan

Paper industry waste effluents are the chief consumers of water resources and these industries release enormous amount of bilge water to nearby water streams. The present investigation work delves into Paper and pulp industry waste effluents are used for the Biofuels production from Marine microalgae Nannochloropsis oculata was grown in artificial sea water medium enriched with pulp and paper industry waste water for cultivation, with the aim to achieve significant biomass and biofuels production. The lipid extraction was studied using solvent. The functional components in lipids were calculated using GC-MS and FT-IR. This study proved to be a competent tool for useful exploitation of Industrial effluents by microalgae fostering will pave the way for eco-friendly biofuels.

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