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Biodegradation study of DOC isolated mixed proteins-LDPE blend based plastic sheets

Author(s): J.V.Patel, Akshaya Gupte, S.D.Toliwal, Darshan Patel

The biodegradability of plastic sheetsmade ofmixed proteins – LDPE blend was investigated. Mixed proteins – LDPE blend based plastic sheets were subjected to microbial degradation using Pseudomonas aeruginosa. At regular interval of 4 days, culture growths and soluble protein concentrations have been measured throughout the biodegradation study. Results from the biodegradation showed that, plastic sheets prepared frommixture of soybean, castor and rapeseed proteins – LDPE blend could support the growth of P. aeruginosa. Biodegradable plastic sheetwith composition (70:10:20mixed proteins&10%LDPE) degradedmuch faster than other eight biodegradable plastics sheets under the conditions examined.

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