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Biochemistry of Vitamin C: COVID-19 Treatment

Author(s): Jennifer Fernandiz

Vitamin C's (L-ascorbic acid) role as an antioxidant and cofactor in a variety of metabolic activities has a long history and is well-known today. Many issues about its method of action and the benefits it provides to human health remain unanswered. This is true not only for the specified doses but also for the delivery route. Furthermore, there are many unanswered uncertainties about vitamin C's therapeutic efficacy in a variety of human (infectious) disorders, as well as its immune system activity and antiviral potential. Vitamin C's ability to function as both an antioxidant and a prooxidant stresses its oxidation-reduction (redox) potential in real-life situations. The effect of intravenous vitamin C supplementation in patients with SARS-CoV-2 warrants specific consideration today.

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