Best configuration of a low H2S content sulfur recovery unit (SRU)

Author(s): Keyvan Khorsand, Hamid Reza Mahdipoor, Reza Hayati

The modified Claus process is themost commonmethod for the conversion to sulphur of hydrogen sulphide contained in sour oil and natural gas. In low H2S feed concentration, which are usually in gas plants, flame stability has an important rule in overall plant recovery and thus, special consideration for thermal stage should be done tomeet requested efficiency. The purpose of this work was to study different configurations in low H2S feed content by using two parameters, feed and air preheating and also adjusting a bypass around burner (thermal stage) to maximize sulphur recovery. Using PROMAX, a suitable SRU process simulation, shows us that regarding plant chemical and mechanical constrains, we can enhance sulphur recovery by adjusting these two items.

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