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Automation and On-Line Monitoring of Effluent Treatment Plant

Author(s): V. Bagyaveereswaran, Akshay Vijayan, M. Manimozhi and R. Anitha

Effluent treatment plant is mandatory for any industry, which disposes off effluents. With the introduction of automation to the plant, it reduces the downtime, optimizes the amount the raw material used, the amount of power used, the number of manpower required and thereby reducing the running cost. In the proposed automated system, parameters such as pH, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids and temperature are read using on-line sensors. Programmable Logic Controller, Arduino UNO and Human Machine Interface (HMI) device is implanted in the system for controlling and monitoring purposes. An exclusively built Android application gives the online status of the entire system. Integrating other modules such GSM module, microSD module, Bluetooth module, LCD module further enhances the scope of the proposed system.

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