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ATM Machine for Blind People

Author(s): K. Sasirekha*, M. Nivetha, A. Indumathi and D. Renukadevi

ATM stands for Automated teller machine. The system designed is a talking ATM which is a type of automated teller machine (ATM), provides audible instructions so that person who cannot read an ATM screen can independently use the Machine. Deaf blind have difficulty in communicating with others who don’t understand sign language, can independently use this talking ATM machine, where a wireless data glove is a normal cloth driving glove fitted with flexes sensors along the length of each finger and the thumb. The output from sensors is a stream of data that varies with degree of bend. The sensor output is analog values, converted to digital and processed by microcontroller, then it given to the voice chip to produce voice using speaker. In this project Flex Sensor Plays the major role, Flex sensors are sensors that change in resistance depending on the amount of bend on the sensor.

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