Asthra-An Automated Robotic Vehicle for Effective Locomotion and Effective Patient Monitoring Using Embedded Systems

Author(s): S. Vignesh, J. Mohanasundararajan, S. Nishanth, V. Kulothungan and K. Suresh

Asthra is an automated robotic vehicle for the disabled patients using embedded systems as its prime running technology. It is primarily dedicated to work at the hospitals. Healthcare is a core area, which needs improvement from its present status. The early hours of medical treatment rendered to a chronic patient determines his/her well-being. Also, making patients Independent at hospitals facilitates their well-being and easy recovery. Asthra is an automated robot in the form of a wheel-chair, which enables Automated Locomotion and automated patient monitoring. It enables patients to freely move about in Hospitals, access particular room, visit doctors automatically without depending on ward-boys or nurses present. Asthra also records the basic conditions of the patients like the body temperature, blood pressure, and heart beat etc. and maintains a centralized database containing a medical report of each and every patient to be maintained in a standalone machine with a net connection. Using WAP the details of various patients captured using the various sensors and robotic arms can be updated at the database. Also for emergency conditions, an automated SMS can be sent to the doctor regarding the chronic conditions of patients. Thus Asthra, the automated robotic wheel chair would enable effective locomotion as well as act as an effective patient monitor.

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