Assessment of Noise Pollution of Vedanta Thermal Power Plant, Jharsguda, Odisha, India

Author(s): Sanjib Kumar Naik and Amitabh Mahapatra

Noise assessment was carried out in various residential, commercial and industrial places in and around Vedanta Captive Power Plant (VCPP) during October, 2010 to February 2011 covering 15 locations ofIndustrial area and 10 buffer zone in and around of 9 x 135 MW power plants. Event LAeq and LN cycle were studied to identify the noisy machines and to generate baseline data. Lowest avg. noise 61.43 dB (A) was found at control room while the highest avg, 102.4 dB (A) at F. D. Fan. Boiler feed pump is the second highest noise, 92.1 dB (A). Operators of F.D. Fans are having a fair chance of exposure with >90 dB (A) i.e., beyond the prescribed standard. Noise may not jeopardize employee’s life immediately but might be the cause of neurobehavioral change, psychological stress and unhappiness in daily life without showing the symptoms of chronic/ acute diseases. Measured data has been compared with national and international agency like CPCB and WHO. The quality of life of industrial worker is one of the prime factors for production; hence it should not be neglected. Revision of occupational Indian noise standard is recommended at par with Interna tional/European standards. Noise-reducing options are also described. This investigation may help the implementing authority to adopt better policy for better work environment.

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