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Artificial Intelligence: Future of Medicine and Healthcare

Author(s): Gawad J*, and Bonde C

The rational thinking of physician involves a lot of subjective decision making and its complexity makes traditional quantitative approaches of analysis inappropriate. The computer based tools and knowledge base, helps for early diagnosis of diseases. The intelligent decision making systems can appropriately handle both, uncertainty and imprecision. In current paper authors made an attempt to keep students, researchers, medical professional and community to update, aware about role of artificial intelligence in the field of medicine to improve healthcare system. Webicina is a service, overhauled to give free, moment access to dependable online data for patients and doctors. Healthline, WebMD are few more resources which provides adequate information about health. Doctors and patients both can progressively blog and oversee other online networking systems. In future, the innovation will get altered treatment quickly to our sub-atomic cosmetics and hereditary foundation. This pattern has as of now began affecting medications in oncology. Oncompass and Foundation Medicine give customized treatment recommendations to patients in view of hereditary information. Another apparatus is smart watch and will turn into the following achievement after wearable trackers. Their significance in social insurance is still uncertain, but rather the Apple watch and the Pebble sold a large number of units, while Google is building up a wellbeing following wristband customized for the necessities of clinical trials. IBM Watson has been utilized at oncology focuses in the USA. So Artificial Intelligence is at a budding stage in India and there are ample opportunities to explore this filed for the benefit of the mankind.

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