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, Volume: 11( 2)

Artificial Intelligence: Future of Medicine and Healthcare

Gawad J SVKM’s NMIMS School of Pharmacy and Technology Management Shirpur 425405 MS, India,
+91 9860777446; E-mail:

Received Date: February 8, 2017 Accepted Date: March 10, 2017 Published Date: March 15, 2017

Citation: Gawad J, Bonde C. Artificial Intelligence: Future of Medicine and Healthcare Biochem Ind J. 2017;11(2):113.


The rational thinking of physician involves a lot of subjective decision making and its complexity makes traditional quantitative approaches of analysis inappropriate. The computer based tools and knowledge base, helps for early diagnosis of diseases. The intelligent decision making systems can appropriately handle both, uncertainty and imprecision. In current paper authors made an attempt to keep students, researchers, medical professional and community to update, aware about role of artificial intelligence in the field of medicine to improve healthcare system. Webicina is a service, overhauled to give free, moment access to dependable online data for patients and doctors. Healthline, WebMD are few more resources which provides adequate information about health. Doctors and patients both can progressively blog and oversee other online networking systems. In future, the innovation will get altered treatment quickly to our sub-atomic cosmetics and hereditary foundation. This pattern has as of now began affecting medications in oncology. Oncompass and Foundation Medicine give customized treatment recommendations to patients in view of hereditary information. Another apparatus is smart watch and will turn into the following achievement after wearable trackers. Their significance in social insurance is still uncertain, but rather the Apple watch and the Pebble sold a large number of units, while Google is building up a wellbeing following wristband customized for the necessities of clinical trials. IBM Watson has been utilized at oncology focuses in the USA. So Artificial Intelligence is at a budding stage in India and there are ample opportunities to explore this filed for the benefit of the mankind.


Artificial intelligence; Healthcare system; Medicine; Future


Artificial Intelligence is a rising field. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the hypothesis and advancement of computer frameworks ready to perform assignments typically requiring human knowledge, for example, visual observation, discourse acknowledgment, basic leadership, and interpretation between dialects [1]. As it were it is insight shown by machines. In software engineering, perfect knowledge is an adaptable objective specialist that sees its condition and makes a move that amplify its possibility of achievement at some objective. Informally, the expression "manmade brainpower" is connected when a machine imitates "subjective" capacities that people connect with other human personalities, for example, "learning" and "critical thinking". As machines turn out to be progressively fit, mental offices once thought to require insight are expelled from the definition. For instance, optical character acknowledgment is no longer seen as a model of "manmade brainpower", having turned into a standard innovation. Capacities presently named AI incorporate effectively understanding human discourse contending at an abnormal state in key amusement frameworks, self-driving autos and translating complex information. A few people additionally think AI is risk to humankind in the event that it advances unabatedly [2]. AI research is separated into subfields that concentrate on particular issues or on particular methodologies or on utilization of specific instrument or towards fulfilling specific applications. Approaches incorporate factual techniques, computational knowledge, delicate processing (e.g. machine learning), and conventional typical AI. Many instruments are utilized as a part of AI, including renditions of inquiry and numerical advancement, rationale, techniques in light of likelihood and financial matters. A misinterpretation about manmade brainpower is that it's too far distant for pharmaceutical organizations, when in actuality, it is available and can bring incredible esteem. For instance, IBM Watson is not a supercomputer that is extraordinarily confused and awkward to utilize. It's only 32 prearranged modules that can be utilized as building squares to apply AI to significant information in the social insurance biological system and create new experiences. It's anticipated that by 2020, there will be 44,000,000,000,000 GB of computerized information. That is 44 zettabytes artificial insight will be the way to breaking down this information to profit human services on the grounds that the majority of this information is as unstructured or regular dialect data [3]. 80% of the information we produce today is unstructured. These information focuses incorporate writings, messages, Facebook posts, tweets, wellbeing records, clinical trial data, persistent bolster program information, and substantially more. Counterfeit consciousness is the ideal answer for help us break down the unstructured information that most people create and will prompt to genuine bits of knowledge in the medicinal services space. Artificial intelligence covers various areas in health sciences. We tried to highlight the important aspects of AI in healthcare [4].

Digital literacy in medical education

A recent report in 2015 confirmed, an all-around composed course, enhanced by steady assessment based input, can be reasonable for get ready understudies for benefitting as much as possible from the Internet, web-based social networking stages, and advanced advances. Feedback is important in any kind of system as it gives information about the customer satisfaction. Feedback system also helps to improve the service and facilities with respect to cost and time.

Virtual dissection

Anatomy is the basic and important aspect of healthcare system. Every personnel related to healthcare system should have through knowledge of anatomy. Essentially examining life structures is an immense test as understudies need to see everything about a muddled structure by taking a gander at two dimensional pictures and text. Anatomage is an instrument discharged the 4th variant of its advanced dismemberment table on which understudies can consider without constraints. With the help of this we can learn every single point critically. Like with the help of some chemistry software (Chemsketch, Chemdraw, Marvinsketch) one can easily rotate the entire molecule in all the possible directions to learn bond angle, bond length [5].

Curated online information

Due to the advent of advance technology, internet is landed on our hand and we can easily search in fraction of seconds. There are several websites are available to help people as well as physicians. Webicina was overhauled to give free, moment access to solid online data for patients and doctors. Healthline, WebMD and others additionally give quality wellbeing data. Specialists and patients progressively blog and oversee other web-based social networking channels [6].

Smart watch

With the modern lifestyle people are more conscious about health. Advancement in technology has given birth to various healthcare gazettes and equipments which help us to measure pulse rate, devises like accu-check blood glucose meter help us to keep eye on elevated sugar level. Smart watches could turn into the following enormous thing after wearable trackers. Their significance in social insurance is still uncertain, but rather the Apple Watch and the Pebble sold a large number of units, while Google is building up a wellbeing following wristband customized for the necessities of clinical trials.

Home diagnostics

swarm of wearable gadgets has turned out to be accessible. Amazon propelled the Wearable Market place to convey wearables and home diagnostics gadgets to the overall population. A great many units were sold in under 2 years [7].

Augmented reality

Google Glass fizzled and is being upgraded and repurposed. Microsoft reported the arrival of Hololens, a monetarily accessible head-mounted gadget that undertakings advanced information onto genuine symbolism. Enchantment Leap has raised over a billion dollars in ventures. This technique is very useful for the diagnosis purpose.

Personalized genomics

In time, we will get treatment tweaked to our sub-atomic cosmetics and hereditary foundation. This trend has already started impacting treatments in oncology. Oncompass and Foundation Medicine provide personalized therapy suggestions to patients based on genetic data.

Artificial intelligence in medical decision report

IBM Watson has been utilized at oncology lopes in the US. It checks the patient's restorative records, studies and course readings. At that point, it recommends treatments and predicts their potential achievement rates. The Medical Sieve extend means to help radiologists in recognizing sores.


Due to the lack of doctor shortages, care cannot be delivered to everyone. Telemedicine solutions and smartphone applications such as Healorgo2 nurse can become the Ubers of healthcare, bringing the attention and expertise of doctors to the masses [8,9].


Artificial Intelligence is maturing science which have applications in different fields including medicinal services framework. Advance of counterfeit consciousness has diminished the human endeavours and at last prompts to simple and quick, practical finding of different frightful ailments. Manmade brainpower is likewise useful to watch out for the everyday schedule life. The essential part of Artificial Intelligence in patient care is quiet finding and picture examination, the future holds incredible potential for applying AI to enhance numerous parts of the patient care handle. Incredible difficulties stay because of the wellbeing information's size and intricacy; however, the AI people group is well on its approach to meeting these difficulties by growing new example recognition methods, adaptable calculations, and novel methodologies that utilization enormous amounts of wellbeing information to answer general inquiries.