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Aromatic Quinoxaline as Corrosion Inhibitor for Zn-Al Alloy in 3% NaCl Solution

Author(s): R. D. Pruthviraj and Prakash Ch.

A new corrosion inhibitor, viz. 3-ethyl-6-méthyl-quinoxalin-2-one, 1-benzyl-6-methylquinoxalin- 2-one, 2-benzyloxy-3,6-dimethyl-quinoxaline, 1-benzyl-3-methyl-quinoxalin-2-one, were synthesized in the laboratory. Their influence on the inhibition on corrosion of Zn-Al in aqueous chloride solution (3% NaCl) was studied by weight-loss measurements. The impact of temperature on the effectiveness of the substances mentioned above has been determined between 20o and 40oC. The results showed that the corrosion resistance was greatly enhanced in the presence of inhibitor and that the effectiveness depends on some physicochemical properties of the molecule, related to its functional groups1. These compounds act through the formation of a protective film on the surface of the alloy.

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