Application of Zinc/Cd-Titanate Nano-Particles as UV- and Thermal Stabilizers for Rigid Plastics

Author(s): Khaled M. Elsabawy, Waheed F. El-Hawary and Moamen S. Refat

Certain concentration of zinc-cadmium titanate nano-particles additives were added during processing of polystyrene as model of rigid plastics to raise thermal stability as well as resistivity to crakes resulted from sun exposure (UV). The nano-particles additives from zinc-cadmium titanate work as internal centers of energy compensation, which increaseS flexibility. Furthermore, zinc-cadmium titanate nano-particle acts as terminator for some of free radicals reactions, promoting its physical properties and consequently, increased area of applications. The synthesized plastic was monitored before and after nanoadditive by spectral methods such as IR, spectrum and X-ray diffraction to evaluate internal structure. Furthermore, some of physical properties such as flexibility and role of grain size effect has been investigated via SEM and atomic force microscope (AFM).

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