Application of Peleg's equation for modeling of water absorption kinetics of paddy (Oryza sativa)

Author(s): Krita Ganguli,Uma Ghosh

Peleg’s equation was applied to depict the nature of hydration characteristics of paddy grain during soaking temperature of 10°C, 20°C and 30°C for 30minutes to 12 hr.This equationwas adequately capable topredict the hydration characteristicsof paddy underexperimental conditions.Therelationshipbetween two Peleg’s constant (k1, k2) and temperature showed that Peleg rate constant (k1, h%–1) reduceswith the increase in hydration temperaturewhile Peleg capacity constant (k2,%–1) increases withthe rise in temperature. This indicated thatwater absorption rate increased andwater absorption capacitydecreasedwith increase in temperature.AnArrhenius-type equationwas used to describe the temperature dependence of k1 and k2 (R2>0.98) and activation energy was found to be 35.83kJ/mol.Using the value of activation energy different thermodynamic parameterswere evaluated.

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