Applicability of Glassy Carbon Platinum Electrode System for Biamperometric Indication in Acetonitrile Medium Using Copper (II) Copper (I) Couple Estimation of Organotrithiocarbonates And Thioureas

Author(s): Debashish Ghosh and Naveen Raghubanshi

Applicability of glassy carbon-platinum electrode system has been examined for biamperometric indication in acetonitrile medium utilizing the presence of Cu (II)–Cu (I) couple. Postassium butyl, isobutyl, benzyl and dodecyl trithiocarbonates have been estimated using copper (II) perchlorate in the first series of experiments and in the second one, copper (II) nitrate has been used as oxidant for the determination of thiourea and some of its derivatives. Cu (II)–Cu (I) reversible couple being generated just on the completion of the test substances, reversed L-shaped titration curves, with remarkably sharp breaks, have been obtained leading to precise and accurate results (error not exceeding ± 1.07%) even for determinations in low concentration range.

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