Anti-Inflammatory and Hypoglycemic Effects of Heliotropium Keralense in Albino Rats

Author(s): Manoj Singh and J. P. Singh

Heliotropium keralense is an important medicinal plant & rarely is distributed. Its essential active compounds are flavonoid and terpenoid play an important role in change biological activity of human physiology. Benzene eluents minimize the glucose level in blood, which enhanced by gluco flavonoid and alkaloids. Experimental study shows that 1% carraginine solution induced inflammation in hind paw of albino rats significantly affected by Heliotropium keralense as well as its active principle. Hypoglycemic study shows the preventive as well as curative effect of Heliotropium keralense. Alcoholic extract of Heliotropium keralense is capable to block the adrenaline at different site of circulatory system such as heart, capillaries and hormonal level.

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