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Antihepatotoxic Effect of Portulaca Oleracea Linn. Leaves Against CCl4 Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats

Author(s): K. K. Hullatti, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, I. J. Kuppasta and R. A. Malgi

Different extracts of Portulaca oleracea Linn. (Portulacaceae) were tested for their antihepatotoxic effect against CCl4 induced hepatotoxicity in wistar albino rats. The degree of antihepatotoxicity was measured by using biochemical parameters like serum transamiases (SGOT and SGPT), alkaline phosphatase, total protein and total bilirubin in the treated groups, compared to the control. The alcoholic, aqueous and petroleum ether extracts showed the significant activity as comparable with standard drug silymarin. Other extract than chloroform did not exhibit a potent activity as compared to standard drug silymarin. Thus, the present study provides a significant rationale for the traditional use of this plant in the management of liver diseases.

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